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Awakinn is an offline space where coders can come under one roof and connect with other coders to learn programming & technological frameworks of their choice by working on industry projects, contributing in open-source, and getting engaged in brainstorming sessions with professionals on all 7 days of the week.

What we provide

Offline Coding Community

Work in a corporate coding environment & connect with other like-minded coders & be motivated.

Live Industrial Projects

Get experience while learning by working on company projects during college & get rewards.

Connect with Professionals

Learn from professional mentors & understand the right set of skills & experience required to excel.

All time Coding Space

No time limits on coding, work & learn anytime you want at a place made for consistent coders.

Learn any Technology

Explore any language or framework & learn with other same tech stack members of community.


Everyday learn anything & on weekends get python & competitive programming classes & compete in coding competitions.

Data Science

Choosing data science as career has a lot of scope in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

Contribute to Open-Source

Learn how one company's contributions to OpenStack helped drive their own innovation, growth, & revenue.

Build your Developer Profile

Build your profile on GitHub, LinkedIn, Kaggle, Codeforces, etc & open doors for Google, Facebook, etc.

Our process

Step 1 Screening

In the screening process, we test for the basic fundamentals, ethics, and one's eagerness to learn.

  • Register
  • Screening
  • Enrolment

Step 2 Get Connected

Connect with other like-minded coders and work under experienced guidance.

  • Know your mentor
  • Join same stack members
  • Team building

Step 3 Practical Learning

Practical learning is the best mechanism to learn and understand concepts & logics.

  • Learn latest technologies
  • Work on multiple projects
  • Be a part of Awakinn throughout your journey

Step 4 Get Hired

Get hired with the help of our professional network and stay connected to upgrade your skills.

  • Continue with Awakinn
  • Upgrade your skills
  • Build-up your profile

Know us

At Awakinn, we provide an atmosphere of learning, where students can acquire knowledge from professionals of the same field and get hired before passing out of college.


Our mission is to strengthen students as recruiters today demand experience to which certain candidates can't put up and therefore miss the opportunity despite being eligible for the position.


Our Vision is to inculcate a new path in the education system by exercising 'Do It Together' & 'Learn Through Making' philosophies i.e. imparting collaborative learning & hands-on experience.

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Our team

We always look forward for the passionate and talented people, Write as at join@awakinn.com to join our growing team and explore new opportunities to shape your future.

Manit Rathore

Shubham Aggarwal

Raman Thukral
Content Head

Meet our professional mentors

When professionals with better, in-depth and pragmatic knowledge of work will address students, the learning that happens is fruitful. Write us at join@awakinn.com to become a mentor.

Pulkit Kapoor

Anmol Virmani

Nitin Bhardwaj

Abhishek Tiwari

Nikhil Gupta

Devansh Bhatia

Nalin Sajwan

Manika Shekhar

Abhinav Setia

Robin Siwach

Lakshay Munjal

Vijay Sharma